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CMLL 27/3/2011

Botch prone midgets, dudes kicking other dudes in the balls and  more…

This doesn't end well.

Match one:

Sangre Azteca v. Polvora

Sangre’s gimmick is yes, that he dresses like an Aztec.  It looks  really awesome.

– They lock up a few times and Sangre gets the early advantage. Polvora responds with some chops. Irish Whip, reversed and Sangre hits a backbreaker.  Sangre hits the ropes and goes for the lariat, but Polvora ducks it and counters by lifting him up and slamming him face first into the mat. Polvora dropkicks and then pounds him on the ground a bit.  Another chop from Polvora before he picks up Sangre and drives him into the corner post. Polvora hits another drop kick and Sangre is selling on the mat.  Sangre gets up and they exchange chops but Polvora beats him down again. Polvora gets him in the corner and hits him with a shoulder.  He then whips Sangre to the other corner and charges only for Sangre to duck away.  Polvora stumbles into the middle of the ring and Sangre tries another lariat, which is again ducked by Polvora, but Sangre then hits the spinning heel kick. Sangre then stomps Polvora in the “lower abdominal region” which is replayed. We come back from the replay and find Polvora has Sangre on the top rope. Sangre pushes him off and stomps him in the “lower abdominal region” again, but this time from the top rope. Polvora really sells this and a replay shows that Sangre may have been a bit… “stiff” with that blow (if you excuse the pun).  Chop from Sangre and he hits the ropes, only for Polvora to counter into a reverse atomic drop… which is really just him kicking him in the balls. Polvora “ground and pounds” and the reff pulls him off and signals Sangre Azteca as the winner as they both lay on the matt selling the injuries they’ve received to their balls. * not much wrestling to speak of.

We then get endless replays of Sangre getting kicked in the balls.

Yes, really.

Match Two:

Peq. Warrior, Peq. Pierroth(c) and Peq. Universo 2000 v.  Bam Bam, Mascarita Dorada(c)  and Electrico

First Fall – We start with some technical wrestling between Universo and Bam Bam.  Some nice reversals and holds.  Mascarita and Warrior tag in and Mascarita hits a headscissors, arm drag takover and a suplex. Another suplex. Warrior tries for a power bomb, reversed into a facebuster.  Headscissors and Warrior quits the ring.  Electrico and Pierroth tag in and trade chops.  Some leapfrog spots before Electrico hits a flying headscisscors and Pierroth quits the ring himself and Warrior re-enters.  They both hit the ropes but Pierroth grabs Electrico’s legs and drags him outside, chops him and sets him up for a catapult but Warrior leaps and nails from the top rope. What a nice double team move.  This leaves Bam Bam and Universo in the ring . They trade chops and then Mascarita tries to leap in and flying headscissor Universo, but hits Bam Bam instead and Bam Bam goes flying out the ring. Universo hits a drop kick then a tiger driver on Mascarita and it’s all she wrote for the tecnicos. The rudos lap it up much to the dismay of the crowd.

Second Fall – it starts with the rudos triple teaming Mascarita, before turning their attentions to Electrico and last but not least Bam Bam. Eventually Mascarita tags back in to subject himself to a beating and general abuse. The rudos then start to break down and Mascarita starts a comeback. He hits Warrior with a suicide dive and Bam Bam and Electrico join in the growing melee in the ring. Electrico hits a springboard elbow on Pierroth for the three count.

Third Fall – Warrior and Electrico to start. They bounce of the ropes and Electrico hits a drop kick and headscissors after skinning the cat. Bam Bam and Universo tag in and start with some bouncing off the ropes.  Bam Bam super kicks Universo out of the ring. Bam Bam tags in Mascarita as Pierroth enters the ring. Mascarita cops a kick to the face and a chop before being whipped into the corner. Mascarita hits a headscissors, a springboard headbutt and then starts chopping Pierroth. Pirerroth whips him which Mascarita counters into a (you guessed it) headscissors!  Pierroth goes flying out of the ring, and Mascarita dives off the top turnbuckle which the cameras miss, but catch it just in time to see Mascarita botch the move and land on his head. Electrico  flying armdrags Universo out of the ring then hits a moonsault, which ends with him banging his head on the front row seats. Bam Bam starts with superkick, then dives over the top rope and hits a move over the ropes. Replay shows that Mascarita tried to hit a top rope flying headscissors but got dropped on his head. Back in the ring Pierroth applies a muta lock to seal the match. Either there were not enough healthy wrestlers to complete the match, or the director missed a pin as the ending doesn’t make any sense. Post match Mascarita gets carried out on a stretcher. ** for effort.

Various highlights follow.

Match Three:

Diamante, Metro and Stuka Jr (captain) v. Okumura, Raziel and Euforia (captain)

These guys look like giants after the midgets have been on. Okumura has a martial arts gimmick and looks like a badass.

First Fall – Stuka and Raziel begin with some technical wrestling. Raziel tags in Okumura and Metro comes in for Stuka. Shoulder block, some chops, arm drag, back breaker and a drop kick on Okumura and Okumura is dead.  Diamante and Raziel which soon ends with Raziel on the outside and Diamente hitting a springboard move. Meanwhile the other two brawl in the ring as Stuka Jr gets the pin on Euforia (the captain) while Metro locks Okumura in a torture rack.

Segunda Caid – Second fall starts with organised chaos. Euforia tries to remove Stuka’s mask and manages to untie it at the back.  Rudos are playing three one one which hardly seems fair, and I hate to admit this  blatent cheating is getting heat with me. Eventually the tecnicos even things out and it settles back to a more traditional match.  Raziel hits a Gory Bomb from the turnbuckle to get the pin on Diamante.  Metro then hits a his signature german to get the pin on Raziel.  More organised chaos involving a huracanrana from  Stuka Junior on Euforia, Euforia kicks out a two and rips off  Stuka’s mask and that is the DQ for the second fall. They blur his face so you can’t make anything out which is really cool. ***  match of he night so far.

Post match Diamante and Metro help Stuka put his mask back on and are outraged by this terrible behaviour from the heels.  We got to a replays of the falls and highlights as Stuka picks a fight with Euforia. This is completely lost by the director and when we come back they’re all gone.

Match Four

Angel De Oro, Valiente and Blue Panther (c) v. Dragon Rojo Jr, Ultimo Guerrero(c) and Atlantis

Primera Caid – Atlantis and Valiente wrestle to start, with Atlantis trying various leg submissions, before going to a choke. Valientie reverses and tres to set up a sharpshooter. Atlantis reverses this and tries for an STF but Valiente escapes and they are now both standing. Snap mare by Atlantis and some good wrestling follows. Guerro and Panther in the ring and some arm drag take overs by Panther followed by a shoulder block by Guerrero. Guerrero tries to whip but Panther but he reverses. Panther charges but Guerrero counters. Guerrero tries a sunset flip but Panther rolls through it. Angel is in with a top rope splash on Guerrero and Dragon now and Angel ends up in a dragon tiger driver. It breaks down to three on three and there is a wonderful spot where Dragon leapfrogs his team mates to splash Panther who is up on the ring ropes. Guerrero tries a two man airplane spin and that gets the first fall on Angel and Valiente as they both submit at the same time.

Segunda Caid – It starts with a totally extreme dropkick spot which has to be seen to be believed. Dragon dropkicks Valiente in the balls for good measure. The tecnicos regain control of the match and there are some great spots that blow by in about a minute and the tecnicos have the second fall via submission on Atlantis and pinfall on Dragon.

Tercera Caid – Dragon and Panther begin. Panther gets the advantage but Guerrero comes in to break it up. Guerrero gets tossed out and Atlantis tries tothrow Panther out, but in doing so Panther hits a dive on  Guerrero. Angel takes on Dragon and Atlantis. Valiente takes on Dragon and Dragon flattens him with a lariat. Valiente hits a top rope moonsault to Guerrero outside while Atlantis submitts Panther and Dragon submits Angel, both with torture racks. And with that the rudos win the match. **1/2 pretty well executed, but they really have to run through the final two falls in about two minutes. The timing was also a bit off for my liking.

There was definately some fun here, and I would watch a match with no time restrictions with any of the competitors, but there was no real match that sold me that these guys could really go. Overall a fun experiance.

Thumbs in the middle.

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